What is equality?

Equality is fundamentally a matter of freedom and equal opportunities. It's about giving people the opportunity to shape their own lives. No matter where you were born, what you were born as, or who your parents are. So what is equality? Equality is therefore about creating real equal opportunities where everyone has the same opportunities to fulfil their potential and live the life they want.

What is gender equality?

Gender equality, or gender equality, means that men and women have equal duties, rights and opportunities in key areas of life. Among other things, it is about the same opportunities for economic independence, a level playing field in educational and business choices, the same opportunities for the development of personal interests, talents and ambitions.

When it comes to gender equality in Denmark, however, we are far from targets. Because there are still great differences between men and women – especially when we look at gender equality in working life. This is true in relation to pay- where women earn less on average than men, even if they do the same work. This is true in relation to leadership positions- where there are far too few women, even though they have long educations. And this applies to maternity, paternity and parental leave.

How to promote gender equality? 

This requires a showdown with the norms that exist in parts of our society. First and foremost, it requires more people to value equality as a fundamental value to society. Because even though we have legal equality (formal equality), it does not necessarily mean real equality. This is a good example of where we still have a pay gap between men and women. At Inclusio, we are not afraid to take 'the long haul' when it comes to gender equality, you could actually say that it is in our DNA. That is why, in our work, we will continue to put gender equality and the various gender issues women face in working life on the agenda, so that we can work towards our vision of a society and working life where women and men are treated equally and have equal opportunities to create the life they want.

3 ideas on how to promote gender equality in the workplace

  • Create wage transparency at work
  • Focus on increasing gender diversity at all levels and disciplines
  • Create better opportunities for employees to turn up and down their working hours
Portrait of Nikoline on a black background. She is facing the camera straight on and wearing a denim high-neck dress and silver hoop earrings.

Nikoline Nybo

BA Anthropology and Chaos Pilot.

Experience in cultural analysis and anthropological methodology, project management and process design, organizational development and facilitation.

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Louise Marie Genefke

Cand. mag. Marketing & Communication, MA Management and External Lecturer AU.

Experience with management, talent and organizational development, facilitation and Employer Branding.