Making diversity count

In cooperation we create hands-on and implementable inclusion and diversity solutions, keeping your company attractive to employees, customers and business partners and securing your competitive advantage.

Keeping your business attractive and innovative

The demands on what companies should be able to do are many and the expectations to deal with diversity and inclusion in the workplace are constantly increasing.

Together, we uncover your opportunities for working with diversity and inclusion and create implementable solutions adapted to the company. This increases your company's attractiveness and performance for employees, customers and business partners.


Get a head start on diversity and inclusion in your business. There are no easy solutions, but we can use our experience and professional skills to provide an overview and identify the solutions that are best for your specific situation.

Let us help you create an overview and identify your options for creating strategies and processes based on EED&I.

Explore the areas Inclusify is working on below.

Louise Marie Genefke & Nikoline Nybo
Partners and advisors, Inclusify ApS

Attraction and recruitment

Does your company want to attract and recruit a more diverse group of talent to ensure increased performance and innovation, better working environment and economic growth? 

Development and retention

Is it a priority for your company not only to attract, but also to develop and retain a diversity of talent? This focus helps, among other things, to lay the foundations for a diverse and inclusive workplace, which is an important factor in employees' satisfaction with both their careers and their working lives.

Management and promotion

Change is a management responsibility. Therefore, it is also important to train leadership skills to cultivate inclusive work environments where diverse talents come into play in work and decision-making processes. In other words, creating a work environment that embraces diversity. The benefits are many. 

Inclusive work environment

Creating an inclusive working environment is both demanding and complex. It is important to have an understanding of the challenges we face in creating safe and inclusive working environments. This includes an understanding of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, which is a current problem in many Danish companies.

Our previous partners

The dialogue prior to the webinar was carried by valuable sparring on both content and framework, and in the presentation itself Louise Marie really shone through, even though she was not physically present in the room. Participants in the webinar found the presentation insightful and informative, and in the subsequent evaluation several also expressed a strong desire to hear more about the work in a longer format.





Having recruited people for jobs for the last 20 years, I thought I knew "most of it", but I have been surprised at how much Louise Marie and Nikolines work and input meant to the process. This is clearly because of their strong professionalism.







You can sense right away that Louise Marie and Nikoline know a lot about their field and have a great passion, but at the same time they are very listening and open to what you need and what the purpose of the individual event/workshop is and adapt accordingly. It gives a good sparring to get your wishes concretized and see new perspectives on what you can and should do for an event / event.


Both Nikoline and Louise Marie are very outgoing and likeable, and best of all they made sure that it was a safe space to voice ones concerns and issues. They came to the workshop with such great energy, they were very structured and they ensured that the process went well and that the end-product was usable. They have our warmest recommendations.

We must engage in open and honest conversations even if it's uncomfortable, nuanced and concerns 'emotions' and 'individual experience'. We saw huge value in this and want to personally thank you for facilitating such difficult conversations.

Gain new knowledge

At Inclusify, we believe that knowledge is the way forward! If you want to learn more about diversity and inclusion, you can read many of our articles here or see a selection below.

Learn online with us

Together with GoLearn, we have created two courses where you can learn more about diversity and inclusion issues.