Make diversity count and reap the benefits

Working with diversity and inclusion is both demanding and complex. Diversity does not work without an inclusive approach and it requires rolling up our sleeves - and we, Nikoline Nybo and Louise Marie Genefke, are ready to do that together with you.

But we promise it's worth it, because with increased performance, innovation and happier employees, the foundations for your company's competitive advantage are laid.

There are no easy solutions, but we can use our experience and professional skills to provide an overview and identify options that make it manageable for you and your company to get started. One step at a time, and we're happy to follow you all the way, so there's no waste of resources along the way.

When you meet with us, you will meet two advisors who are curious about your organisation, your needs and your process.

We don't offer generic solutions, but tailor programmes, workshops and projects to fit your company's culture, people and needs.

We look forward to supporting your company in its diversity and inclusion work.

Our values

Inclusify has five main values in our work with diversity and inclusion (D&I):

We take every assignment seriously, and we always approach it professionally, but at the same time we are completely "down to earth" and we make a virtue of creating a good, warm and easy atmosphere in our collaborations.

We deliver a solid job and we always make an effort. We are structured, well organised and really like the saying: "a deal is a deal".

Meaning and value creation
No desk policies, disappointment strategies or generic services. We deliver services that can be used for something, and we always start from your specific company's current situation, experience and place in the change process.

Constructive critical
We might as well say it. So we say it like it is, but we do it in a polite and constructive way. Our work with D&I is about making the invisible visible. And that means daring to break with the good vibes, even when it's a little unpopular.

We understand that working with D&I can, at times, feel overwhelming, cross boundaries and challenging. And that's okay. We have great respect for diversity and for each individual situation.

Who are we?

Inclusify Aps is owned by consultants Louise Marie Genefke and Nikoline Nybo, who together have competencies in strategy and organizational development specializing in diversity and inclusion, project and process design, leadership and team development, employer branding and HRM.

Inclusify draws on access to and insights from Ladies First Network, Denmark's largest career network for 16,000+ women in the workforce, where major surveys on career and working life ensure current and latest knowledge from a Danish context.

Nikoline Nybo,
Partner & Advisor

BA Anthropology | Gender Studies I Kaospilot I INSEAD

Change management, systemic change, anthropological methodology, facilitation and process design, project management, organisational development and facilitation.

Find Nikoline on LinkedIn here.

Louise Marie Genefke,
Partner & Advisor

Cand. mag. Marketing & Communication |MA management | External lecturer AU I INSEAD

Inclusive management, talent and team development, HRM, employer branding, facilitation and project management.

Follow Louise Marie on LinkedIn here.

Inclusify is part of DI Rådgiverne
UN Sustainable Development Goals 5: Gender Equality.
UN Sustainable Development Goals 8: Decent jobs and economic growth.
UN Sustainable Development Goals 10: Less Inequality.