Why deal with diversity and inclusion?
Apart from

sounding good in the CSR report and external communication, there are many benefits - including for the individual, the team and the company in general.

Inclusify offers opportunities to work with D&I, where we collaborate to create implementable solutions tailored to the business.

Explore the possibilities of working with D&I below

Attraction and recruitment

Does your company want a more inclusive recruitment process, where diversity is prioritised more? Do you want to identify where you can take action to address the challenges or opportunities you face?

If the answer is yes, Inclusify is ready to help you.

Indeed, a lack of diversity and inclusion perspective can limit the potential of having a diverse workforce. This includes, for example, opportunities to increase performance and innovation, create better working environments and economic growth.

It is therefore crucial to focus on D&I when your company wants to create new recruitment processes that attract a diverse group of talent now and in the future.

See examples of solutions Inclusify can offer:

Advice on. an inclusive recruitment process

  • Get an overview of your recruitment process to attract a diverse candidate pool
  • Get tangible tools that you can adapt and implement to address blind spots and unconscious bias in the recruitment process
  • Review your entire recruitment process and find out where you need to go to create a more inclusive recruitment process
  • Create a more attractive Employer/Corporate brand by communicating your efforts

Presentation on unconscious bias

  • Gain knowledge about the most important and most prominent unconscious biases 
  • Become aware of which situations biases occur in the workplace 
  • Get tools to recognise your own unconscious biases - and point them out if you see them in others
  • Become a change agent and co-creator of an inclusive workplace environment

Advice on inclusive job ads

  • Learn how to incorporate a D&I perspective in your job ads 
  • Gain the skills (knowledge and tools) to develop inclusive job ads that attract a larger pool of talent  
  • Find out what gendered language is: We explore the concept and what it means for you in concrete terms. We look at patterns and roles that emerge around gender, enabling you to think critically about how you act in your recruitment process

Development and retention

Is it a priority for your company not only to attract, but also to develop and retain a diversity of talent? This focus helps, among other things, to lay the foundations for a diverse and inclusive workplace, which is an important factor in employees' satisfaction with both their careers and their working lives.

See examples of solutions Inclusify can offer:

Workshop on gender and career

  • Gain skills (knowledge and tools) to act on gender stereotypes in the workplace for yourself (and others) 
  • Learn about gender stereotypes and unconscious expectations in the workplace and in career choices
  • Get tools to act on bias and learn to ask the right questions of yourself and others

Presentation on inclusive collegiality

  • Learn how you, as employees and colleagues, can become co-creators of an inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected, valued and recognised by being an ally to those around you
  • Learn to become aware of the (unconscious and inappropriate) gendered expectations that exist in a work context
  • Gain skills (knowledge and tools) to understand and act on stereotypes in the workplace

Presentation on negotiation in a gendered perspective

  • Gain skills (knowledge and tools) to negotiate in the world of work for yourself (and others)  
  • Learn about the wage gap, negotiation in a gendered perspective, assertive, aggressive and submissive communication in negotiation 
  • Gain tools to negotiate on your own terms, model how to plan negotiation situations, recognise blame and gender stereotypes in a negotiation situation

Management and promotion

Become an inclusive leader. Change is a leadership responsibility. Therefore, it is also important to train leadership skills to cultivate inclusive work environments where diverse talents come into play in work and decision-making processes. In other words, creating a work environment that embraces diversity. The benefits are many.

See examples of solutions Inclusify can offer:

Course in change and management responsibility

  • Learn to create and support a work environment that embraces diversity (department, team, group)
  • Learn to cultivate interpersonal safety - this ensures that employees bring their whole selves to work in a psychologically safe environment
  • Learn to integrate diversity
  • Developing managers who have the knowledge to create an inclusive work environment

Inclusive work environment

Creating an inclusive working environment is both demanding and complex. It is important to have an understanding of the challenges we face in creating safe and inclusive working environments. This includes an understanding of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace.

See examples of solutions Inclusify can offer:

Course in change and management responsibility

  • Learn to create and support a work environment that embraces diversity (department, team, group)
  • Learn to cultivate interpersonal safety - this ensures that employees bring their whole selves to work in a psychologically safe environment
  • Learn to integrate diversity
  • Get more motivated and engaged employees 
  • Improve individual, team and organisation performance

Presentation on sexism in the workplace

  • Gain skills (knowledge and tools) to recognise and act on sexual harassment  
  • Learn about sexism as part of workplace culture, the role of power hierarchies, different forms of sexual harassment and the consequences
  • Get tools to recognise and act on sexual harassment, a language to have constructive conversations with colleagues and hold the workplace to account for creating an inclusive work environment

Presentations, courses and workshops

At Inclusify, we offer a wide range of solutions, all of which are based on a D&I perspective. Our solutions include consultancy, strategic planning and implementation, and inclusion surveys, developed with the individual client in mind.

We always strive to deliver more than just a generic solution or advice. This is necessary because the business environment is complex and therefore your challenges and opportunities will naturally be unique and different from each other.

Read more about our presentations

Does your company want to know more about, for example, why you should deal with D&I? Or how to become a good ally in the workplace? We offer bespoke presentations lasting between 1-1.5 hours as required - both face-to-face and online. In addition, we prioritise making the presentations both action-oriented and interactive. Therefore, each presentation will allow for dialogues between participants to anchor the new knowledge in their daily lives and situations at work.

Presentations could include:

  • Change is a management responsibility - on inclusive management
  • Gender and career
  • Inclusive collegiality: be a good ally
  • Sexism and sexual harassment

Read more about our courses

We offer tailor-made afternoon courses of 3 hours, focusing on equipping each participant to recognise and act on a given topic. The aim is to provide participants with knowledge about why the issue is relevant, what it looks like and to give them the tools and language to be able to create change.

A course could cover:

  • Negotiation in a gendered perspective
  • Sexism in the workplace
  • Gender and career development

Read more about our workshops

If you want to kick-start the work on diversity and inclusion in your company, we can kick-start the process through facilitated workshops including seminars and talks.

A workshop could address:

  • Unconscious bias – what really creates impact
  • Talent development - a change of mindset
  • Diversity and inclusion - knowledge and opportunities
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace - opportunities and challenges
  • Negotiation from a gendered perspective
  • Inclusive management - making positive use of diversity

Advice and sparring

If your company wants to attract, develop, retain and advance talent - and thereby create the basis for a diverse and inclusive workplace - we'll help you all the way. Together, we'll map out the strategy and provide clear, implementable solutions.

Advice could cover the areas:

  • Development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategy
  • How do we implement inclusive leadership development?
  • Development of new (or adapted) Employer/Corporate Branding strategy
  • How do we create the basis for an inclusive working environment?

Needs assessment

What does your company really need in the work with D&I? Together we will identify your opportunities to work with diversity and inclusion and create implementable solutions tailored to your business.

For example, Inclusify can help you measure and monitor the level of diversity and inclusion in your company.

Below you will find a selection of our solutions:

Take the temperature of the working environment with an inclusion survey

An inclusion survey shows the status quo and can show where you should focus future initiatives. In this way, a temperature survey becomes a short-term process that can lay the foundations for a more comprehensive change process.

A temperature measurement can be the first step to take if you are unsure where to focus or want a benchmark across the organisation. This can be done both qualitatively and quantitatively. We recommend a combination.  

Detect bias in your written communication 

In Inclusify we operate with the algorithm Alex, which can be used as a linguistic analysis tool. Alex reads all written communication - raw and unstructured. It can be anything from internal newsletters, meeting minutes, job postings, intranet, websites, etc. 

In doing so, Alex helps to identify the inhibiting processes and perceptions in a culture, so that change in the company can be targeted at the improvement potentials inherent in a work culture.

With a tool like Alex, all sizes of companies can get a quantitative picture of language use in their written communication. For example, Alex could help identify general language bottlenecks, specific focuses or lack thereof that may be causing the maintenance of exclusionary work environments.

Online DIY Toolkit

(Coming soon)

At Inclusify, we strive to identify and develop new and exciting solutions to help you change. We are currently developing an online DIY toolkit, which we are very excited to present here in 2022.

Keep an eye here on the website or on our LinkedIn.

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